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Yorkshire Born
The results of the heritage page came about by the work I have done on my family tree. A job I started in 1999 and is still on going. I started with my parents family names Firth and Redgate and then started to expand. The Firth name I managed to get back to around 1806 with my great great grandfather Benjamin Firth who was born in South Shields, as then in Northumberland. The Redgate side I was much more luckier I was able to trace back to 1650 to Peter Redgate who was born in Derbyshire. Then as previously mentioned I started to expand to put more branches on the tree. The furthest back with one of them was 1355 with a Adam Of Oldditche. I did find a couple of celebrities on the tree, my great great grandfather Benjamin Firth married Elizabeth Ramsden. The same family that Harry Ramsden of the fish and chips fame and Harry Corbett of the Sooty and Sweep fame belong. Then my great grandfather Alexander Hartley Higginbottom married Mary Ann Boot from the Boots the chemist family. My imediate family search as since been added to, there is some evidence that 2 of my daughter Emma's Husband's ancestors fought and died at Flodden in 1513, Archiebold Campbell and Robert Erskine, both from noble families. For the heritage page I searched every name for their origins were the name was first found in the records, I also searched the family coat of arms and any Scottish clans they may have been septs to; the coat of arms were only put on the page for decoration only and not claiming any right to them. To see more of the names in the family heritage take a look at the Heritage page