Meaning of Life

How many times have we herd the philosophical quote, “what is the meaning of life”, let us just stop. Only the human race would ask that question. Look out of the window, the trees, birds, cats and dogs, they don’t ask the question because they know. The arrogant humans think they are that important and special there meaning of life is different to the rest of life on this planet. The question the philosopher’s should be asking is, why is the human race so arrogant that they should ask what is the meaning of life when it’s quite obvious that nature has set everything up for existence. The one big problem that nature has is humans. It’s taking a long time to write this small addition to the blog, there are so much that can be so much to be written and will be given air in the future but not here. What started out has a tongue in cheek exercise turning into a smoking gun that does and will lead to much more.

Then we could always watch the reliable Monty Python, a few people might learn some things.

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2 Responses to Meaning of Life

  1. emmanuel says:

    that is really philosophical and educative. kudos

  2. Mike says:

    Thank you for your comment

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