Bible references

I know this will upset quite a few people who think if something is in the bible it really is what happened.

If it was now (in 2013) what would people say if a young un married woman came along and said, “I’m having a baby and I’m still a virgin”, when asked how? “It was a ghost”. Then the boy friend said “that’s so true an angel came to me in a dream and told me”!

Ok in 2013 nobody really cares if a baby is born out of wedlock. Then let’s just say, “That our morals are still in the fifties”.

Well would the first reaction be, probably fall on the floor laughing? Then get a psychiatrist involved and lots of test that will prove the truth, followed by a shot gun wedding and a spot on Jeremy Kyle?

It’s in the bible! To many very intelligent people and some not so intelligent people it’s so true; without any proof, it did happen. Now if Mary did actually tell her parents the circumstances of how the baby was conceived; then Joseph backed her up with his story? What would the result be? What would the beliefs be and would that be a perfectly good way to get away with having sex out of wedlock.

Let me just say I am not saying it did not happen. Historians will not say anything happened if there is no proof of it; a little viable proof does let the historian go to town with their imagination going wild.

The problem for me is that the son of Joseph and Mary is the most important person ever: he’s the son of God? There would be so much proof out there of who he was!

In the bible it tell us that Jesus has a direct line through his father Joseph to King David (he of Goliath fame), now don’t get me wrong about this but surely not; the bible also tells us he’s the son of God? It must be his half siblings that was of Royal descent?

There is only one God, the Jews tell us this; when Christianity comes along they also tell us there is only one, the same God who is the Jewish God; the Islam’s then said there is only one God again the same God as the Jewish and the Christian God.

That means there is one God? Well surely not? The Jewish God does not have a son, God has made restrictions on what they can eat: the Christian God has a son called Jesus and no restriction on food or drink: the Islamic God has no son but has a messenger Mohammed; there are restrictions from God on some food and the drinking of alcohol. Now this is not an in depth examination of the different religions but this tells me there is more than one God?

Why is there not more written about Jesus; now most scholars tell us that the family of Joseph and Mary was poor and so Jesus could not read or write. Surely the son of God could read and write? Then much more would have been written about Jesus growing up. We are told that he would discuss things in the synagogue with his elders then what? Failing that the son of the one God there must have been many scribes recording his life.

It seems to me that reading the bible when God speaks it is only when one person is there so we only have one person word on this. So strange from the God of every one.

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