My journey begins


Hello I’m Mike

Of course this is not a travel review blog; it is just a trundle through the thoughts and conclusions I’ve gathered through my life. I’ve called it a critique but it is not so drastic I think? It is just a rumble through the opinions I’ve adopted over the years. This is a work in progress and so it may end up as drastic as a critique.

If anybody does come along and read this attempt at composition, may I say I am not a man of great grammatical expertise as you will pick up but you are quite welcome to leave your views?

First a little background. I was born in the early 50s in a mining village in the West Riding Michaelof Yorkshire. The 50s was an unusual time especially for a lad growing up. My father a miner and my mother a housekeeper, I the youngest of four, brought up under the guidance of the Methodist religion.

My teenage years was through the 60s, yes a most splendid time to live your teenage years. The downside was my father dying in the early 60s. Can I say now, it is not true what is said “that if can remember the 60s you weren’t there”; the money wasn’t there to forget the 60s but the emerging freedom was.

I married in the 70s becoming a husband and a father, my wife giving birth to two daughters. Things like owning cars and having your own telephones was now achievable.

The 80s life changed altogether, the miners strike made sure of that. My wife went out and made a career despite her giving birth to our third daughter, my political views changed drastically.

My wife and my sister both died of cancer in the 90s, devastating life changing events. Two of my daughters married and I became a grandfather, these were completely different life changing events .

The first decade of the 21st century saw me re-marrying. My third daughter marrying and more grandchildren. My mother died, just running out of steam at 94 years old and one of my brothers dying of cancer.

The present decade saw me losing my second brother to cancer. The disease claiming my first wife and all my siblings.

There we have it, many of these times will be revisited in future as I take stock of the baggage I’ve collected.

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